The history of Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital “Lopselis” has begun since 1885 when the department for abandoned babies was established at Kaunas city hospital. In 1990 this department was closed and all orphans were moved to another place in Ozeskienes st. in Kaunas. This new place was named “Lopselis”. During this period the society’s concern about the high numbers of infants’ mortality throughout Lithuania encouraged to establish “Babies Rescue Association”. Consequently, in 1922 Emilija Prusiene established the “Babies Rescue Association” and became its’ chairperson.  In 1923 this association became in charge of “Lopselis”. By the initiative of the association, the government has allocated 1.5 million litas for new building in Vilijampole (for 280 orphans) in 1931. During the Soviet Union occupation period all associations, as well as “Babies’ Rescue Association”, were closed. In 1940 the government became in charge of “Lopselis” and named it “Republican babies’ home”. In 1986 this babies’ home were called specialized because 86 percent of babies living there had developmental disorders.

Together with the independence of Lithuania, “Lopselis” has opened the new page of the history as well. Little by little changes the attitude towards children living in babies’ home. Then main goal was to put all efforts that children would not enter babies’ home and if enters then put all efforts trying to return them to their own or other families.  Seeking for this goal in 1995 the rehabilitation center for preschool children with disabilities (which lived in families) has been established.

After three years, in 1998 the rehabilitation department (outpatient and inpatient), where children with developmental disorders from all Lithuania has been treated, has been established. “Lopselis” was given the new name “Kaunas Child Development Clinic “Lopselis””. In 2001 the institution has got the license to provide early rehabilitation services for children with developmetal disorders on secondary and tertiary level. In 2008 the institution has started to provide social day care and short-term social care services and in 2010 medical rehabilitation services for children with neurological diseases, motion, mental and behavioral disorders has been started to provide.

Due to administrative reform in Lithuania, in 2011 “Kaunas Child Development Clinic “Lopselis” has been reorganized and affiliated to the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics. Since 2014, Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic has been established, which is also  the department of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

Thus, today “Lopselis” is the unit of the biggest university hospital of Lithuania, called Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital “Lopselis”, where under the same roof are located:

1. Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic, where health care services for children with developmental and biosocial functions disorders are provided; research, master studies and other educational activities are carried out;
2. Day Care Center for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Babies’ Home Department finished activities in June 18, 2018.