Lithuanian academy of children with disability

Lithuanian Academy of Children with Disabilities was established in 2014.

Members of the board are:

  • Audrone Prasauskiene (chairman);
  • Daiva Bartkuviene;
  • Indre Bakaniene;
  • Asta Eitmantyte;
  • Asta Kiliene;
  • Kristina Povilaitiene;
  • Milda Kuzmickaite.

The main goal of the Academy is to achieve that children with disabilities and their families will receive quality, affordable and professional habilitation, rehablitation and pallative care services in Lithuania.

Objectives of the Academy:

  • To bring together professionals working in the field of children‘s habilitation/reahabilitation;
  • To spread the knowledge related with children with disabilities;
  • To encourage and support research related with children‘s disability problems;
  • To solve problems of ethics and deonthology;
  • To encourage parents to participate in the activities of the Academy;
  • To search and collect funds for the Academy‘s activities.

How to become a member?